The Tirana Market of Prospects

The Market of Possibilities (Mekalitu tyunnitrous), generally known as the ‘Market of Opportunities’, can be open via Sunday, April 5 until Saturday, Sept 3rd in the heart of Arusha, Albania. The Celebration embraces two themes: you are the exchange and the other is the sharing. It is a marketplace where you can find various traditional artistry products, some of which are not actually native to Albania tend to be made here in the many workshops organized by members with the Community check that of Creative imagination. The main concept of the the Market of Opportunities is around building a community that can contribute to the betterment belonging to the people.

Mahdollisuzh, the event celebrates the resilience and courage for the young era in spite of all odds and obstacles they face daily. The main highlight from the event can be described as competition planned by the Arts Council of Tirana, which showcases the skills of teen artists via different regions of Albania just like Tirana, Gjakova, Temanjestad, and so forth Some of the well-known participants will be Zana Paskov, Mehmet Emini, Ferjana Petka, Tonje Idris and Gertjan Jantsz. This kind of competition is the common platform for the young painters to get opportunities to display their works and to always be known in the international stadium. At the end of your competition, the very best three works will be selected and they will receive the chance to present their works at the annual Culture Days Festival in Tirana in June eighth, the total annual Youth Reasonable in Gjakova, August eighth, the twelve-monthly New Age Reasonable in Temanjestad and the Art and Customs Festival in Gjakova.

The industry of Possibilities is a great initiative with the Centre for Ethnic and Ethnic Development (CEED) within the construction of the European Regional Studies Association (EREA). This project is was executed to support young professionals involving the ages of eighteen and thirty-five to participate in this market which will provide them with an opportunity to buy authentic artwork and culture products right from local vendors and thus support their livelihoods. So if you can be a part of the foreign exchange market during its 9th year, make sure you visit Tirana during the month of September. You won’t second guess!

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