Science model show

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  • Registration is must for the participants
  • Students must set up their model, remain with it throughout their judging period
  • Standard laboratory safety rules must be observed. No hazardous, toxic or flammable materials are to be used
  • Students are solely responsible for the security and safety of their equipment
  • Students must be prepared to answer judges questions about the content and development of their projects
  • Decision of judges is final


  1. The candidate must belong to 1st year of college
  2. He or she can belong to arts, engineering or medicine
  3. A team may have a maximum up to 4 participants.
    Pupils can also submit their projects individually
  4. Projects must be submitted offline and the abstract may be submitted first to gain the approval for the project.
  5. Projects can include working models, 3 dimensional model, programs in computer etc

Exhibits can be classified into four different categories:

  1. Computer engineering and technology
  2. Biology (including plants, animals, and humans)
  3. Chemistry and physics
  4. Physical and mathematical sciences


(a) Fire:

Fire – Open flames are not to be used in the display area. However, under some special Circumstances, approval may be given by the Technology Fair Committee Safety Officer, if the request is submitted in writing at least one week prior to the fair. Also, Combustible materials are not to be near any heat source.

(b) Chemical:

Chemicals deemed to be dangerous to the public must not be displayed in Exhibits. Prescription drugs and over-the –counter medications must not be displayed. Substitutes may be used to simulate chemicals and should be labeled with the name of the Substance it represents preceded by the word “simulated”.

  • Table salt can be used to simulate many chemicals, such as ammonium nitrate
  • Water can represent alcohol, ether and many other liquids.
  • Molasses can be used to simulate petroleum products

(c) Electrical

Electrical devices must be protectively enclosed as far as it is practical.

  1. Electrical devices must be protected by a non-combustible enclosure.
  2. An insulating grommet is required at the point where electrical service enters an enclosure.
  3. Electrical devices shall use as low a voltage as possible.
  4. Exposed live parts over 36 Volts are not permitted. Current (amperage) must be low enough not to cause any danger or discomfort if touched.
  5. A pilot light should be used to indicate when power is on.
    • Dry cells (Alkaline, NiCad, NiMH, Lilon, etc.) and sealed lead-acid batteries (gel cells) may be used.
    • Wet cell batteries are not permitted.
    • Wet cells shall not be used because of the hazardous chemicals involved.


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