CommandoMen that do perhaps not wear underpants under their pants.

CommandoMen that do perhaps not wear underpants under their pants.

Devotion CeremonyA public affirmation of your own engagement and union typically provides roots within pagan ceremonies

CottagePublic lavatory perhaps not put much nowadays except by earlier men

CottagingBritish gay slang for participating in anonymous gender in a general public lavatory a ‘cottage’ (‘tea-room’ in gay American vernacular) or cruising for sexual associates making use of aim of sex someplace else


CPLSCouples (usually showing up on advertising of gay partners seeking for a three-some, four-some, or couple swing).

Creampie(Often referred to as internal ejaculation and, in same-sex contexts, as breeding and seeding) was a sexual operate, commonly featured in pornography, in which a men ejaculates inside their partner’s snatch or anus without use of a condom, resulting in visible leaking or dripping of semen through the pussy or anal area.

Cross-DressingDressing in apparel that will be typically assigned to the alternative sex

Crossing The LineCeremony to enjoy crossing the equator. The firstimers would-be abused considerably rather homo-erotic

CruisingPresent participle of cruise. The action on the verb to cruise. A concerted efforts to track down a sexual encounter with another people especially in a public spot.

Crystal methamphetamineCrystal methamphetamine or “tina” is one of the quickest developing pills into the homosexual community. To users it’s brief results may. Crystal could be injected, snorted or used. In crystal type its known as ice or cup

CSD (German Prides)The abbreviation CSD is short for Christopher road Day – an ancient day of remembrance with the first known resistance of homosexuals and transsexuals to state and personal discrimination.

CubA younger bear

Jizz DumpA person who enjoys several men cuming inside him without sporting a condom.

CumshotCumshot climax onto another musician’s body, particularly about genitals, buttocks, upper body or tongue and are also currently.

CunnilingusMuff scuba diving.

Pussy SuckerA derogatory phase for a lesbian.

CutCircumcised – circumcized cock

DDivorced (usually making reference to a past heterosexual marriage)

D/D FreeDrug- and Disease-Free (may also come as DDF)

DaddyThe phrase ‘Daddy’ inside U.S.A. is a person who normally ‘tops’ or which earns a whole lot more funds then young, or even applied, ‘bottom’

Daddy ChaserA homosexual guy just who enjoys their associates earlier, wealthier, however fundamentally wiser.

DeadnameThe past term of someone who has altered that label, particularly the pre-transition first name of a transgender people. Deadname may refer to the operate of contacting someone (especially a trans people) by that persona€™s earlier term, in lieu of their particular plumped for or chosen identity. Deadnaming somebody is offending and disrespectful, even when finished accidentally or as a tale.

DemisexualA demisexual was someone who will not encounter sexual attraction unless they shape a good mental relationship with people. It really is more commonly found in but never restricted to enchanting connections.

DescreetRespecting or keeping admiration, quiet, modesty, confidentiality; may relate to a closeted individual.

DGMDivorced Gay men

DILF”Dad Let Me Fuck”

DippedRefers to some thing dunked in some style of compound

DLDown minimal. If a peron is found on the DL, it means they are not aside however and requires as discerning.

DMDivorced men

DoggingHaving gender with complete strangers in a general public place. “Observers become recommended, thus making dogging a kind of exhibitionism” (Wikipedia)

DomDominant Male or Female (favors somebody who is submissive, often to a place of being a servant)

DopeDope (marijuana) is natural material that will behave as a relaxant and mild hallucinogenic. Whenever used, the results are often sensed fairly quickly with individuals experiencing a lot more comfortable, happy and generally laid back. Stronger marijuana may result in pointless giggling, loss of inhibitions and an advanced understanding of music and tones. Cannabis has additionally been reported to relieve the pain, sickness and sickness in sophisticated levels of cancer tumors, AIDS along with other big disease.

Increase PenetrationThe insertion of two dicks onto another guys anus at the same time

DPDouble entrance: The insertion of two cocks onto another mans anus at the same time

DragDressed in a way typically determined making use of opposite gender- DRessed As a lady

Pull KingA lady clothed like a man

DTEDown to environment

DTFDown To Fuck. If men try DTF, hea€™s searching for a sex.

DuckieA synonym for homosexual, especially when utilized as a term of endearment.

Dutch BoyMen, homosexual or right, that like to hold with a dyke

Dutch OvenThe act of trapping you under bed handles after launching vile butt smoke

DykeA lesbian the phrase comes from nineteenth-century slang term dike, which referred to male clothing, as soon as it absolutely was 1st regularly consider people, they shared a derogatory connotation of masculine look or behavior

Dyke BiteRefers to a directly woman making use of lesbianism as a feminist discussion or a method or insulting males

Dyke DogRefers to a men, right or elsewhere, just who loves the business of lesbian ladies to a right woman utilizing lesbianism as a feminist argument or a way or insulting people

EcstasyClosely for this use of Amphetamines (where it is derived), Euphoria, or MDMA, is at first used as a psycho-therapeutic medicine. It’s a Psychedelic medicine that creates excitement and a sense of wellbeing, diminished quantities of anxiety and stress and a physical catalyst and sensational result in consumers. It really is illegal in most countries and is also probably one of the most commonly used illegal medication on the planet.

ElectroGiving anyone lightweight electric shocks, this could be done throughout the facial skin or from putting devises inside you. Read


F2FFace to handle

FacialTo arrive during the face

Fag BangleA homosexual guy who is a just a manner equipment to a directly people i.e. like homosexual men in ‘Intercourse in urban area’ they’re an extension of the directly female’s ward gown

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