Rathinam Groups Community Activities
When you learn, teach and When you get, give

Rathinam Group believes in giving back to the society and has always strived to make the world a better place. Through its concentrated efforts on social and environmental causes, like No Food Waste, in-house radio show Rathinavani 90.8 and awareness camps, it has helped communities reduce hunger, improve socio-economic scenarios, and worked with the community members to help make their space a better place for the people.

Padmanaban Gopalan, an Incubatee of Rathinam Incubation Initiatives and our PhD student received the prestigious "Common Wealth Youth Award-2019" for his Social Initiative of No Food Waste by Prince Charles in London.
The Rathinavani has three allocated frequencies that allows socio-economic experts join forces to discuss and tackle the impending issues at large.
SWACHH BHARAT campaigned organized by the student body helped clean up neighbourhoods and bring awareness regarding cleanliness and hygiene.
Flood Relief Donation camp set up the Rathinam students helped raise substantial amount to help those affected during the Kerala floods.
Rathinam International Schools
Rathinam International Public School (RPS) is a co-educational institute featuring global standards and “engaging” educational approach to help the future of the nation in building the right future and take the right step in the right direction.
Rathinam International Schools
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Rathinam Colleges
Rathinam Colleges are a multiverse of higher education, offering academic expertise in technology, management, arts & science and architecture, guiding and moulding the future change-makers of the country.
Rathinam Colleges
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Rathinam Technzone Campus
Reinforcing the technical innovation of some of the brightest minds, the Rathinam Techno Campus is an end-to-end, hands on facility for technological upliftment comprising of some of the biggest players of tech industry.
Rathinam Techzone Campus
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Rathinam Shelters
Living and lifestyle are the two facets that impact a person. Rathinam Shelter brings the concept of quality living, embraced by end-to-end facilities and reinforced by security against the external parameters. Rathinam Shelters is home, pre-defined.
Rathinam Shelters
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40+ Years of Excellence
Matriculation School
Arts & Science College
Institute of Management
Institute of Technology


To emerge as a world renowned Institution that is integrated with Industry to impart Knowledge, Skills, Research Culture and Values in youngsters who can accelerate the overall development of India.


To provide quality education at affordable cost, build academic and research excellence, maintain eco-friendly and robust infrastructure, and to create a team of well qualified faculty who can build global competency and employability among the youth of India.

Core Purpose

Transform the youth into National Asset.
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The Journey So Far

Rathinam Group is proud to entail a rich history and continues to set milestones for a better tomorrow.


KPM School


Rathinam Arts & Science College


Rathinam IT Park


Rathinam Institute of Management


Rathinam Shelters


Rathinam Technical Campus (Rathinam Institute of Technologies)


Rathinavani 90.8 - Community Radio


Rathinam School of Architecture
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Our Executive Team

Dr. Madan A Sendhil

Chairman, Rathinam Group

Mr. Alagan Sathianathan

Executive Director, Rathinam Group

Mr. R Sundar., B.Sc., DMIT.

Advisor, Rathinam Group
Advisor, Rathinam Group

Mr. K. Rajagopal.,

Advisor, Rathinam Group
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Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth
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Global Presence

Rathinam Group is widening its international operations by focusing into capacity building and infrastructure development. We have heavily invested in smart city development and higher education projects across SAARC and AFRICAN countries. We were recently selected by the Govt. of India to set up the prestigious ATAL Incubation Center in the Rathinam campus. It is the Rathinam Group’s wealth of experience combined with its pursuit of excellence that makes it adept to undertake global projects and contribute on a much larger scale.,

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About Us

Rathinam Group was started with a vision for the betterment of the society, arming the next generation with quality amenities. Incepted in 1979, Rathinam Group took its first step as the KPM Schools, developed to impart quality education to the children and 40 years into the future, we are one of the front bearers of quality community building.

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